Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Defiance TV Series coming in April

So let me see if I follow this correctly...
A band of alien refugees (The Votans; actually several different allied races) show up asking for a home.  Earth hems and haws about it, aliens get desperate...War breaks out between Humans and aliens...Earth gets really wacked...fast forward a bit now the survivors have to somehow work together to survive in a post apocalyptic world!
Here is the wiki.
This could be good!


  1. I've been eagerly pouring over all the ads for this series for visuals and more details. The look is brilliant; if the story is even half as good, this could be a new Thundarr. But... I have little hope for the SyFy shows.

    My wife and I tried watching their Monday night line-up. I rather liked Continuum; I think it has some potential. Being Human was... not watched, as my wife had seen it before, and said it should be well-shunned. Lost Girl sounded interesting on paper, and especially with the whole "Modern-day succubus in the big city" schtick, but we couldn't get past the first ten minutes...

    So, fingers crossed for Defiance!

  2. Trey, I agree! : )
    James, thanks for the comment. I missed Continuum, I've seen a few episodes of Lost Girl that I thought were ok, but its more miss than hit. My wife and I do watch Grimm with some regularity. Being Human doesn't look like something I'd be interested in. I hope Defiance is good, it definately has potential to be good!