Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stars Without Number : Astrans


Lenses: Faith, Artistry (three quarters of Astrans are either priests or artists)
Government: Theocracy
Technology Level: 4 (but general populace/production capability TL is closer to 3, although they can produce Spike Drive Starships in limited numbers)
Motivation: Religious Pursuits
     The Astrans are a humanoid race averaging 5'6" tall with yellow skin. They are hairless, and have spatulate (toeless) feet. They have four lungs and special excretory glands in their stomachs (this additional lung capacity and system allows them to go without air for 8 + Con modifier minutes before being at risk for suffering ill effects from lack of air). They have a rigid theocratic society of priests and artists, although a rare few have risen to become powerful villains amongst not only their own people, but the galaxy at large. Psychics are not unheard of among the Astran race, although there are very few true academies present on Astra to teach a budding young psychic how to harness and control their powers. Astran society is quite rigid with little tolerance for any form of deviation. Any Astrans exhibiting such powers are carefully monitored by the religious authorities. Those Astrans that do have such powers can become quite powerful, but some have shown a predisposition to megalomania and can become a threat to themselves and those around them. The worst of these are driven into exile, often times off planet, in the hopes to purge the Astrans of their stain. Some Astran psychics have exhibited an ability dubbed Magnetokinesis: the ability to psionically manipulate metallic substances, shaping them into various forms and also includes the ability to telekinetically move metal substances from one location to another at various velocities and with varying degrees of force. These Magnetokinetics are often quite talented artists, creating some of the most beautiful metallic sculptures known, however, others have rebelled against their theocratic and controlling rulers and gone on to become would be conquerors and villains!
Astran PC's

Few Astrans leave their homeworld, most being too dedicated to their artistry or religious pursuits. They tend to be uncomfortable interacting with other races (nonbelievers) although an exiled Astran could turn up in all sorts of places. Game mechanic-wise their attributes are the same range as humans, with the addition of their ability to resist suffocation effects longer and a chance to have the powers of Magnetokinesis.

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