Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is BRP right for me??

 I'm looking for a gritty, universal system that is rules lite but will let me tinker with it as needed.  I need something that allows for mutations, as well as, magic. Something that lets me mix and match genres, and is easy for me, the GM to work up my own critters/races and monsters. I need something that is easy for folks unfamiliar with the rules to pick up quickly as well.  Oh and I don't want to have to do MATH in combat!!

Could anyone give me some info about BRP??  I've heard it might be what I am looking for.

 I just downloaded the quickstart rules and am looking them over but thought some of you esteemed folks that have played it or have it could give me some feedback.

  I've never played CoC or the other Chaosium system games (sorry those are some of the few classic RPG's that I've never played), So telling me its like CoC or Elric won't really help me.
Thanks in advance!


  1. Savage worlds is what you need :)

  2. Hey Mike,
    I've got Savage Worlds but have never played it, planning on trying it out soon, but I was also curious about BRP.

  3. I'm starting up a BRP Vikings campaign this summer. I love-love-love BRP and highly recommend you at least check it out. SW and BRP are my two go-to universal systems these days. They're both easy on the prep and easy on the running. BRP is grittier and deadlier. Savage Worlds defaults to "gritty cinematic" (think Die Hard, for example), whereas BRP has the potential to be super bloody and brutal with some of the optional rules toggled on.

    One of BRP's advantages when it comes to conversions of old school systems is that it in itself is an old school system that's pretty straightforward and durable. I'm not terribly familiar with Gamma World/Mutant Future, but I wouldn't think there'd be a problem porting the mutation system wholesale. Since BRP is based on a 3-18 attribute scale and percentages, conversion is usually a snap.

  4. Thanks Sir Larkins!!
    I was hoping you might chime in on this, didn't you work up a Rifts-BRP game at one time?
    I do like Savage Worlds from what I have read of it, but SW seems more cinematic than what I have read with the BRP system. They seem to both be good games, but scratch different itches. I just wanted to see if my impression of BRP was correct.

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  6. Just curious - I know you have Alternity and d20 Modern - what's wrong with either of those?

  7. Hey Lord Irish!
    Fair question...
    Regarding D20 Modern for me it just takes too long to stat up NPC's critters and such. Back in the day I had more time to spend on game prep and it wasn't an issue, I'd rather go with something that has minimal prep time for me as the GM. I played 3.x/d20 for years and am just ready to try something else.
    For Alternity, I had fun playing it years ago it is a good system, but I'm no longer a fan of the damage mechanic and other than fan support it is no longer supported. I actually tried to start up an Alternity group a few years ago, bought extra copies of the rules and everything, but found it hard to get new blood into it. My regulars played it, but they were cool with whatever we were playing, unfortunately most of them have moved or gotten busy with life.
    Mind you if someone were running an Alternity game or d20 Modern game I'd sign up in a heart beat, but that's just not happening in these parts even at the local Cons.

  8. If you want a brand new, unplayed copy, let me know, I have a spare of the new book. I use my other one, but the spare I haven't touched.