Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simian Saturday

Been on the road all day, just got home in time for a quick post.  So how do you fight a 600 lb. Gorilla?
With a good Right Hook!


  1. You fight a gorilla from a distance.
    A 400 lb gorilla is ten times as a strong as a man, one hit and your spine or skull is crushed.

  2. Don Glut's Dagar punching a gorilla? Good find.

  3. Thanks for the link Clovis, that was really cool.
    Thanks Trey. : )

  4. Dagar was almost called Zagar, so says issue 92 of the comics fanzine AlterEgo. Had to share that little tidbit having just reading it.

  5. ah man, i loved Gold Key Comics. i am just young enough that most of them i saw as a kid were in second hand shops or handed down after the old man was done reading them. nice. :D