Saturday, November 18, 2017


I recently picked up the Player's Handbook for FrontierSpace, a percentile based Sci Fi RPG from DWD Studios.  I have to say I really like it!  The system is lite enough to be easy to pick up and play quickly, yet has enough moving parts that characters feel different and unique. The combat system is also light, yet versatile. The artwork hearkens back to my old school gaming days, and I mean that in a positive way, feels very much like the old Star Frontiers game, with a sleek, fun rules system. I would have liked the psionics abilities to have been included in this book rather than the Referee's Manual, but I understand not all Referee's will be using psionics in their games.
All in all, I am quite pleased with this purchase and recommend the game for those looking for a fun, easy to play/run Sci Fi System.You can get it Drive Thru RPG. I'll be posting more about this game over the holidays. I'm currently playing in a face to face 5E game, but hope to take FrontierSpace for a test run soon! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Chuck Norris Scenario Generator

John Stater of the Land of Nod blog suggested the fun notion of -"When doing modern games, adapt scenarios from Chuck Norris movies. Just enough plot to make the scenario work, but gonzo enough to be fun at the table."
I thought this was a fun idea to go through the Chuck Norris movies and work up a random scenario generator for some action gaming!  Who knows with a little work you could even  adapt this to different genres. I think I'll tweak it just a minor bit and use it for my upcoming Gathox Vertical Slum games : )

Chuck Norris Scenario Generator

Locations- Roll a d4 for the number of key adventure locations then a d20 for specific locations (keep duplicates!).
1 Jungle
2 Ruins
3 Casino
4 Wasteland
5 Desert
6 Warehouse
7 Houseboat
8 Run-Down House (in the middle of nowhere)
9 Dojo
10 Bar
11 Diner (that overcharges outsiders)
12 Restaurant (Chinese!)
13 Wrecking Yard
14 Prison Camp
15 Terrorist Training Camp
16 Guerilla Base
17 Back Alleys
18 The Institute (Mental Hospital + so much more!)
19 Abandoned Theater
20 Abandoned House

Missions (roll a d6 for the central mission of the scenario, ACTION is the key concept of the scenario!)
1 Rescue POW's
2 Quest for lost Treasure
3 Defeat Foe (roll on the foes table)
4 Save Old Teammates
5 Save Hostages
6 Save the Damsel in Distress

Foes roll a d30 (what do you mean you don't have one!?!)
1-3 Enemy Soldiers
4 Savages
5-6 Guerrilla Forces
7-8 Terrorists
9 Genetically Altered Sociopath
10-11 Assassins
12-14 Drug Gang (roll on the Drug Gang Table)
15 Mexican Bandits
16 Gang of Horse Thieves
17-18 Crime Syndicate
19-20 Gangsters
21-22 Martial Artists
23-Crooked Cops
24 Ninjas
25 Crazed Serial Killer
26 Cultists Religious Zealots
27 Supernatural Being
28 Militants
29 Hit Men
30 Neo-Nazis

Drug Gang Table (roll a d6)
1 Drug Runners
2 Asian Drug Gang
3 Gang of Iranian Drug Dealers
4 South American Drug Cartel
5-6 Vicious Drug Gang

Potential Friends & Allies (roll a d12)
1 Prowler Robot
2 Pet Wolf
3 Loyal Canine Sidekick
4-5 Ex-Army Buddy
6 Sympathetic Priest
7 Old Mercenary Friend
8 Missionary
9 Inscrutable Woman of Mystery
10 Holy Man
11 Martial Artist
12 Friend on the Force (Cop)
Additional Story Elements
1-4 Illegal Drugs!
5-7 Illegal Weapons
8 Treasure Map
9 Cobra Venom
10 Cursed Scepter (optionally roll a d8+1 for the number of pieces)
11-12 Potential Romantic Interest

So making some random rolls let's see what we get..
2 Locations, rolled a 17 for a Back Alley and a 3 for a this will be an urban adventure
The Key mission is a 3... to defeat a Foe..rolling to determine the foe I rolled an 11...Assassins!
For potential friends and allies I rolled a7 for an Old Mercenary Friend...
under additional story elements I got a 9 Cobra Venom!!  Cause you know Chuck Norris was once bitten by a Cobra and five excruciating days later the cobra died!  : )
Anyway this looks like assassins are working out of the Casino, killing targets in back alleys across the city. Our player(s) are brought in to deal with the issue, an old mercenary buddy provides some intel on the location and may even help with the final fight. But then in the final battle it is learned the master assassin is a master of Cobra Venom Style Martial Arts! Will our heroes prevail!!  : )

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Summer of Gaming and Exploring Gathox!

Greetings all!
I haven't posted in quite awhile. I've actually been doing a good bit of gaming. I finished grad school and this allowed my school enforced hiatus from gaming to finally come to an end. I spent a good bit of the summer actually playing in several games. I've been in an ongoing 5E Curse of Strahd Campaign that currently has us around 4th level or so. I was able to play in an awesome Labyrinth Lord Mini-Campaign that was loads of fun. I've also taken up the DM mantle after quite a long time and have started running a 5E home-brew campaign. I've even tried my hand at a bit of minis painting (well mostly terrain) and I've had loads of fun. I think I've gamed more this past summer than in the past four years combined!  As a result this blog has not been updated in quite awhile. With some store credit, I picked up the Starfinder core rulebook, OMG! that is a huge book! Yikes! The art and layout is impressive, but it is taking me awhile just to read it!  That combined with all the 5E gaming I've been doing of late has me finding myself yearning for more OSR goodness in my gaming rotation, Christian's Labyrinth Lord mini-campaign was rules-lite but oh so fun. With the OSR in mind, I picked up a recently released product Gathox Vertical Slum.
I was able to read a few early drafts of this product and have had a few exchanges with the writer/artist David Lewis Johnson (a great artist by the way!). The PDF (print version is due out any day now) is a fun, imaginative and rather Gonzo setting. Based on the White Box rules, but you should be able to adapt it to most old school rules. You will need a copy of the rules system of your choice to play it, in order to complete character generation.
Here is the official blurb for the game,

"Welcome to Gathox Vertical Slum, a far out, gonzo science fantasy campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry White Box Edition and other classic tabletop role playing games.
Aliens, mutants, spellslingers, and hardened criminals struggle for dominance in a lawless city built upon the back of a wandering, world-hopping godling. Inside this tome you’ll find:
* A fully mapped and fleshed out Vertical Slum, stuffed to the gills with greedy factions, hook-laden NPCs, and seedy locations.
* A new gangland system for running domain-level games at level 1.
* 43 fully illustrated strange and inimical monsters to spring on unsuspecting players.
* New classes, skills, ability checks, hirelings, and gear for players to work their will across the mean streets of the Great Spire.
* A vertical dungeon introductory adventure to test the skills and resourcefulness of new and seasoned players alike.
* Over a hundred lavish interior illustrations by D.L. Johnson.
* Five pieces of interconnected chapter fiction contributed by Josh Wagner."

I'll be reading this one a lot more and hopefully give it a run soon. I may even try to run it as an online game. Christian showed me how much fun it can be to play via hangouts, so I'm thinking this setting with White Box (or maybe B/X) would be fun.  More to come...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Wasteland of Gath: Part 3

I was lucky enough to get in another session in Christian's Wasteland of Gath Campaign. I'm using the Labyrinth Lord rules for my foray and having a blast with the setting and the old school rules system.

Christian did a great write-up of the session (including stats!) here. The dice were running hot and Righteous Rude slew a household of vile mutant cannibals, while rescuing a little girl that the malformed family had kidnapped. Kerg and Rude are slowly bringing civilization to the Wasteland of Gath. I'm having a great time with his game, and am really glad he convinced me to give online play a try. The sessions are quick and loads of fun. Plus it is great to be able to actually chat with someone I've known for years, but have never met "face to face". Google Hangouts has now allowed me to have that "face to face" connection.  I'm excited to see what will happen next!  More to come...