Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vorcarians for Machinations of the Space Princess

I've been watching reruns of Farscape lately, man that was such a great series!  One of my favorite alien races from the show are the Vorcarians.  So I figured I'd stat them up for Machinations of the Space Princess.

Race Template
Adaptable:  +1 skill point
Acute Sense of Smell (+1 to Survival & Search Skills)
Pack Mentality
Night Vision
Strong (+1 to STR)
-4 to Charisma
-4 to Intelligence
Aggressive, Pack Mentality
Vorcarians are a stout, bipedal species with moderate intelligence. The males and females are nearly indistinguishable from one another, and they are dog-like in appearance with long stringy, grey hair, metallic teeth and red eyes. Their namesake comes from their amazing ability to track and hunt by the scent of blood. The species is so adept at tracking, that bounty hunting is both a lucrative and appealing line of work for them. Females have a better sense of smell than males, yet the species is patriarchal, wherein the females are submissive to the males (females get an additional +1 to Survival & Search Skills but suffer a -2 to Charm and Will Saves when interacting with males). Female Vorcarians act in accordance to how their male mates direct them. Vorcarians are very aggressive, but easily become submissive when dealing with a more aggressive party.  

Vorcarian Blood Tracker (75xp) 
Quote: "We split the bounty 80-40!" 
Close Defense: 13 
 Ranged Defense: 14 
 Armor: Hides 1d4
Hit Dice:
4 (18hp)
10m per round
1d4 fists, blade 1d6, blaster carbine 1d10
(See above)
Combat Dodge 1, Survival 2

 Vorcarians are Copyright Jim Henson Company, no copyright infringement is intended. 


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  1. Cool! I've been watching a lot of Farscape recently, myself.