Sunday, January 31, 2010

Green Lantern Movie??!!!!

I Sooo hope this is true! You guys know from my blog I'm a big Green Lantern and Sci Fi fan, this would rock!  Here is some alleged concept art for the movie check out those waay cool Green Lantern Aliens! I sure hope they do this and they go full-blown space opera with it!
Info via Nerd City.


  1. They look like video games characters to me. I have heard trumblings about a GL movie though and with DC's movie track record I have high hopes.

    I am not overly thrilled with Kilowog though. Jaw isn't lanterned enough, he's the wrong color and his ears are supposed to be higher on his head.

  2. This should be intersting... I have a gaming buddy who is a true Green Lantern fan, and I've gone through some of his comics... looks like great gaming inspirational stuff too!

  3. I would love to see a good super heroes movie where the good guy is really a good guy and the plot isn't some 'oh the dregs of humanity ala watchmen'. Please dear GOD bring back my Green Lantern!