Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resources for Mutant Future; Treasures of the Ancients

 The wife and I cleaned some stuff out of our closets today and we took it to the local Goodwill, while there I browsed around and found a Major Score for Mutation Kind!  A book that I once had but "disappeared" from my collection years ago, I think someone accidentally grabbed it with their stuff at a game years ago.
                              Treasures of the Ancients

This book is for Gamma World 4th Edition (probably the best edition of Gamma World IMHO, and I've played them all), it has alot of goodies for your Post Apocalyptic Campaigns.
Weapons, bombs, grenades, vehicles, medical products, etc. The book also has dozens of robots, including the Exterminator (which originally appeared in an old Dragon Magazine if my memory serves me correctly. Some of the weapons in this book were originally found in Kim Eastland's Gamma World 3rd edition module series (Alpha Factor, Beta Principle etc.).  It's cool to see some of those items resurface (Chameleon Rifle, I'm looking at you!).  It will require minimal conversion on your part to use this stuff in your MF Campaigns.  GW 4th uses Ascending AC, I actually think it was one of the first TSR products to do so.  So if you use Mutant Future's traditional Descending AC you'll have to reverse the stats in this book to use the armor and such, but that's not hard to do at all.  Personally I prefer ascending AC (hope that doesn't disqualify me for Grognard Status) for me it just makes combat flow smoother and quicker.
Presentation : 7 (the art, other than the cover, just leaves me kinda *meh*, also it is not a comprehensive gear book, you are referred to GW 4th edition for some of the items found in the tables of this book).                                                                                                                                                           
Creativity: 7 out of 10 (while good most of the stuff we've seen in earlier editions of Gamma World).

Utility for Mutant Future scavenging purposes: 8 out of 10 (this stuff was designed for PA games, I would have scored it higher but not all of the gear listed has stats in this book, without GW 4th in hand it is an incomplete resource.)


  1. GW4E is my favorite version of the game as well. The Treasures book is quite good.

    Have you ever seen the PC generator that a fan made for GW4E?

  2. If your talking about the generator Tormentor did. Definately. He and I are Gamma Buddies from waay back.

  3. Oh and in rereading my scoring points, I seem to have come off a bit harder than I had intended. If you've got GW 4th, then this book is easily all 8 or 9's.
    Good Gaming!