Monday, January 25, 2010

The Quest for more Mutations!

Real X Head Mutant Chaos : Chaos Man by Real X Head

     As you all can probably tell, I'm a big fan of Mutant Future. BUT like most any randomly generated mutation table based game, it doesn't have enough mutations.  I find that pretty quickly when generating mutant beasts and especially NPC's some of the same mutations show up.  Well that just won't do.
I like alot of variety and strangeness in my mutants, and when they start looking alike I think the game loses some of its coolness.   In my quest for more mutations I came across this Table updated from an old rulebook from "the game that shall not be named".  You will need to do some tweaking to covert some of your rolls to Mutant Future but it should give you some pretty wild mutants! (Special thanks to SlackRatchet for making this available!).
Good Gaming! -B

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  1. Bill, thanks for this. I can sure use this stuff! I noticed the source you took it from. All I can say is: "The Emperor Protects" (while making the Sign of the Aquila).