Monday, January 18, 2010

Gameroom Continued!

More shots of the shelf unit my wife got for me.  My Dragon Mags are on top along with some Heroes Unlimited books. To the right are the remians of my once Mighty Mego Army.

All that's left of my original Mego Forces, my little brother destroyed most of my collection while I was off at college.  Oh well. I've still got these guys! My grandfather would play with these guys with me for hours and hours!  He loved being The Thing!  Glad I still have that figure, great memories!

 Here's a different wall-shot of the gameroom, I've added a few more items.  The miniature shelf was hand made by my uncle, at one time it was big enough to hold my entire miniature collection. I've expanded a bit over the years.  The comics on the wall are my original G.I. Joe comic, X-men issue where Wolverine and Sabretooth fought for the first time, top comic is the X-men issue where Phoenix dies (my other grandfather bought that one for me at the local drug store, remember when you could get comics most anywhere, for dirt cheap??). Also I have a map of the Isle of Dread, there's a Campaign map of Aereth the Goodman Games setting we played alot of C&C and 3.5 in back in the day.  The Darth Vader poster is from when my son treated me to Star Wars on Father's Day (he even paid for it), you can see Green Lantern on guard duty ready to use his ring on any intruders that try to sneak into the lair!