Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rocket Raccoon! (for the X-plorers RPG)

As I mentioned earlier, my copy of the X-plorers RPG came in the mail today. So as a little experiment I thought I'd see if I could stat up one of my favorite characters from a great comic series I've mentioned; Guardians of the Galaxy.
                           So without further ado I present:
                                     Rocket Raccoon
AGI 17 +2 Saves, Class: Soldier (multi-classed w/ Piloting skill)
INT 14 +1 Saves Level: 8/4
PHY 11 +0 Saves, To Hit/Dmg Melee, HP Race: Raccoon!
PRE 16 +1 Saves
Basic Hit Bonus +5 (+7 Ranged, +8 Ranged Heavy Weapons)
Saving Throw 8+
Hit Points: 38
Armor Class: 15

Racial Abilities: Acute Senses (Hearing,Vision) Any saving throw or skill check that involves either sense is at +5, (example listening at a door +5)

Areas of Expertise
Demolition: 8+
Martial Arts 1d6x2
Survival 6+
Weapon Specialist (Hvy. Weapons +1 to hit & +2 damage, 2 attacks)
Pilot 11+
Mesh Suit (looks like regular uniform, AC12), Force Screen (AC +1), Laser Pistol (x2), various grenades, ammo, power cells and other weapons and gear depending on the needs of the mission. In the past he was known to wear a pair of rocket skates.

He is an accomplished starship pilot, an excellent marksman with the two laser pistols he carries as well as having an affinity for heavy weapons. He's also an excellent military tactician and leader.

 Please note even though I gave him several class levels, the power level of X-plorers is lower than that of Mutant Future.  For a Mutant Future character he'd have more hit points and his heightened senses would be more impacting. + I'd probaby make give him Martial Affinity. Overall I'm quite pleased with the X-plorers system.  -B


  1. Been busy tonight, eh!?

    I only have the PDF of X-plorers but I do very much like the game so far.

  2. It's got great potential. I'm drawn into the OSR more and more every day!

  3. My God, I love the original Rocket Raccoon limited series from the mid-80s.

  4. Me too seƱor Blake! That was my first exposure to Mike Mignola's artwork too. I didn't know RRaccoon made another appearance, I'll have to check it out.

    Nice writeup as usual double B!

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