Monday, January 11, 2010

My Gameroom, a work in progress...

 I posted a few pictures of my Gameroom awhile back, I cleaned it up a little bit and added a few things since then.  It still is a long way from where I want it to be, but I'm quite pleased with it thus far.  I think my wife rocks for being cool with me converting a whole room over to geeky stuff. Course she's a gamer too!

My Sci Fi/Fantasy novel collection. Dang I need some shelves.

My RPG books, well some of them anyways

Pretty Eclectic!


  1. Looks like an awesome place to game!

  2. That's quite a horde you've got there. You are one lucky guy, married to a fellow gamer!

    Your gaming bookshelf is pretty stocked- along with the paperbacks. Don't worry about the shelves, I'd rather have too many books and not enough shelves. I see the Malazan Book of the Fallen in your horde. What are the DAW books in the middle?

  3. Looking good! I love game room pics, but where's you blue Snaggletooth?


  4. This is a great room. Reminds me that I am supposed to post pictures of my man/cave garage gaming room and office up on the blog. Thanks for sharing. What is the map of in the corner?

  5. Thanks guys,
    I really have been blessed. I've been colleting minis, games, books since '79 or so. I've been able to hang onto most of my stuff over the years.
    Spielmeister, the DAW books are from the Scorpio series (there are alot more in the series, but I don't have them, yet). I've also got more books to get out of storage.
    Mik, Blue Snaggletooth (Sears special don't ya know!) is in the Darth Vader Collector case! : )
    ACG, Map is from the Aereth (Goodman Games) boxed set, we gamed in it in my last 3.5 Campaign).

  6. I dream of a dedicated gaming room. My gaming books are scattered all over my apartment on shelves. I have some 60+ feet of shelving space taken up by the collection. But a room of my own would be great... *sigh*

  7. Hey Tetsubo,
    I watched your Youtube apartment tour video, you've got some great stuff in your collection.