Monday, January 4, 2010

70's Sci Fi Coolness!

Cool Retro Old School art by Paul Jaquays
I want to play a Sci Fi game using the Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future rules or something similar.  Will someone do one?? Please?? Anyone? Bueller?
I've been reading this awesome blog Space 1970.  It covers those great campy sci fi shows from my childhood. It's really got me jonesing for some old school style Sci Fi gaming.  I've gotta admit I never got to play Star Frontiers much back in the day.  I enjoyed the ONE session I got to play in (I played a Yazirian, I died).  Mind you I'm not looking for the old Star Frontiers mechanic, I'm no fan of the color chart, maybe that's why I didn't run it.  We played alot of Traveller instead. I've looked at the "new" Mongoose Traveller, especially Strontium Dog, but I don't want to invest the money into a new set of books.  I've already got a stack of d20 Modern/Future books that saw very little actual game play, and I don't have the time to spend  figuring out stat blocks for NPC's that I found d20 Modern based games requires.  I'd rather spend what free time I have working on the actual campaign.  I can turn out monsters/mutants/madmen for LL/MF in a snap.  I want a similar system for Sci Fi.  So I'm putting out the call...Will someone do a '70s style Sci Fi RPG??? Pretty Please?! 
Good Gaming -B

Edit: Oops I forgot to mention Alternity.  I played the heck out of it back in the day, I really really liked the Star*Drive Campaign setting, we had alot of fun with Alternity, but the damage mechanic is just not what I'm looking for these days (Sorry Derek).   : )


  1. What about X-plorers? Haven't had the chance to look at it myself, but James at Grognardia seems to think fairly highly of it.

  2. Christopher I've looked at the free version of X-plorers and my print copy should be arriving soon. X-plorers is very close, but I think a bit more "White Box" than what I'm looking for. I like the character class concepts and skills in it. MF actually has more tech to it than X-plorers, seems too. I should have mentioned it in my post!
    Thanks for the links and comments!

  3. That's great artwork, Bill. Reminds me somewhat of the Mos Eisely cantina scene in Episode IV. Sigh, how I wish my group lived there or you lived here. We'd have a blast having an SF game. I've got another hankering to run SF in parallel with Mutant Future. Only thing is the choice of system- oddly enough, my regular gaming group seems to favor another Gurps-powered game. Gurps Lite of course... nothing too complicated with all the myriad sourcebooks and rules out there these days.

  4. if you are looking for a retro game based on Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom, then send an address to LOUISL2 at COX dot NET