Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simian Saturday

We just went through an Ice Storm last night, so I'm calling upon T-Rex the Apexplorer in his Artic Gear to come help me out today...
Luckily I had a Tree Service trim back and safety cut all of my trees a couple of weeks ago, otherwise I'm sure the damage would have been worse.  We lost phone service (but not power) briefly last night but that's back now, not sure how other areas fared.
I recently found the action figure line of Apexplorers by Winson Creation, while they cost more than I can afford $199!!! Wouldn't it have been cool to have something like this to use against my original G.I. Joes (you know the big bearded ones!) back in the day.
Well let me go fire up the chainsaw and get to work, to bad I don't have a team of Apexplorers to help me this morning!  : )


  1. But you will have plenty of free fire wood. It's trippy how the ground froze in those linearly cracked sheets at the base of the tree.

  2. Man, those WOULD have been cool, to send up against the old G.I. Joes. Good luck with the weather. I'm digging Simian Saturday's.

  3. Thanks guys,
    Well two hours of chainsaw work and I can now get out of the driveway at least. Not that I plan on leaving the house today!

  4. I wish I had a cadre of Apexplorers to do my bidding. Things would be different, I tell you.

  5. Those are great looking action figures (not dolls!).