Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday! (Session 5)

Well we played the latest chapter in our Pathfinder Campaign today.  The group consisted of Black Wolf, Alkanash, Houston and Zebulon.  Clint ran the game today and really took things up a notch. He had worked up several NPC's and we used alot of different spells and abilities that hadn't come into play yet.  We fought a bunch of goblins, an evil Monk, a mean halfling and a pretty tough sorceress (Khilgharn's wife). My favorite moment was when the sorceress tried to get away from us by Feather Falling off of the tower, being a barbarian in full blown rage I dove off after her risking life and limb on whether or not I'd catch her.  I managed to grapple her in mid fall and head butted her all the way to the ground! Really sweet! 
  We figured out some things we were doing wrong rules-wise, I'd been incorrectly using Acrobatics (oops), but I still love my Ring of Jumping! I like playing a barbarian, they have done some cool things with them in Pathfinder, although I'd like to see more Rage Powers, many of them are very limited in overall usefullness.
Good Gaming!


  1. Indeed. Now our heros must prepare for the upcoming ritual and the alignment of the planets. Then they must find Moonglow and present the key to him , He lone knows of the perils that await the party at the map room. The map room will lead them , hopefully, to the Ruins of Kings. What will befall our heros there? Is the threat Khilgharn's wife made good? Are our heros indeed wanted men?? Find out at the next exciting session called " Fee FI FO FUM.... "

  2. Sounds awesome Clint. Really looking forward to the next game!