Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few new mutations...

 I've had a couple of folks ask me about Zora's mutation Intellectual Affinity: Chemistry.  No its not in the core book. Actually my friend Derek Holland (one of the co-authors of Creatures of the Wastelands) worked it up along with several other new mutations.  He has given me permission to post them here so without further ado here are some new options for your mutants that roll the Intellectual Affinity Mutation. -B

Intellectual Affinity (Chemistry)
The mutant has the knack to make various substances from basic materials. The more complementary mutations he has, the more variety he can create. Among other things he can create fuel, explosives, drugs and industrial chemicals. Some of the mutations that improve this ability are quick mind, increased smell, thermal vision and unique sense.

Intellectual Affinity (Pack Leader)
The mutant can control some sentient creatures in a similar manner to a dog trainer. This does not work on sapient beings nor solitary sentient creatures. It works best on semi intelligent ants, dogs and other social animals and plants. Those targeted by the mutant can save versus poison to disobey.

Intellectual Affinity (Survival Master)
The mutant has an innate understanding of survival. His overland speed is doubled if he is on foot, he gains a +4 to saves versus weather and starvation and an ability to sense which plants and animals are edible.

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