Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mutant Future

 Some folks who know me have asked why I haven't posted anything regarding Post Apocalyptic gaming. Believe it or not back in the day I played waay more Gamma World than D&D, yeah my first RPG games were D&D, but the first "real" long term campaign that I ran was actually Gamma World. My on-line handle "Brutorz Bill" is in fact a tribute to my favorite Gamma World character from many years ago.
My best friend (who moved away years ago, miss gaming with you buddy!) has a P.A. web-site Tormentor's Virtual Wasteland ; Tormentor is the character he played in my longest running campaign EVER. That Campaign went on for many many years. Anyways..P.A. gaming has always held a special place in my heart, and I've been remiss in not mentioning how cool Mutant Future is. It is a Free PDF put out by Goblinoid Games. It is very close to classic Gamma World. Our group played several sessions with it before our journey into 4E/Pathfinder and had alot of fun. I took them through the old Expedition into the Barrier Peaks module and we all had a blast! So if your looking for some old school retro-gaming mutant goodness check it out!
Good Gaming!


  1. Hey finally managed to get Mutant Future. Looks like the old 2nd edition GW! Are you up for a bit of pbem?

  2. Hey Joe,
    Haven't "talked" to you in ages! Hope all is well in your world. I haven't done any pbem in ages. Wish I had the time for it.