Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday (Session 6)

 Great game today, Clint ran the session.  By using a special tome taken from the dead wizard Khilgharn, Zebulon was able to summon a pseudo-dragon familiar without ending civilization as we know it, although something nasty did slip through the dimensional gate and get away into the night.  We battled; devilish imps, fiendish wasps, Khilgharn's Wraith (what does it take to kill that blasted wizard once and for all!), giant spiders, an ettercap, ran off some trogs.   Good stuff!  I like playing a barbarian, when in doubt as to an action I use W.W.T.D. = What Would Thundarr Do?   It's worked well for me so far! Although Black Wolf did take some serious Con damage while fighting Khilgharn's Wraith,"Demon Dogs!", luckily there were two clerics in the party to get him back up to speed quickly.  Next time we take on the Cyclops Soothsayer Gargath, who guards the lost map room, then from there (after acquiring the right map) onward to the Ruins of the WoodKing!


  1. Indeed. The party has accomplished much. Summoning the psuedodragon to aid Zebulon exhausted him and the party was under constant attack from Kilgarhns spirit , who refuses to leave the Material Plane

    Anyways....After much smack talk from Kilgarhns wraith the party has advetured out to find the map room , but wait , two maps? this doesnt make sense! which one is correct ? according to Moonglow its the latter , but Kilgarhn had another map in his castle! What could it mean?!?!? Is our party walking into trap trying to find the long lost ruins of the Woodking??

  2. Session 7

    Will couldnt game today and was missed in the party. Now heres what happened.

    Exiting the spider cave the next morning our heros walked for most of the day and camped the night. During the night the watch overheard the pitched sounds of battle , presumably being Orcs. Abou an hour later a wandering orc zombie came toward the camp , his corpse animated by some strange plant.
    This was quickly dispatched and the party went back to sleep only to be alerted again by another strange wandering orc corpse. This was taken care of and then an alive orc force of 6 members with an ogre backup showed. Battle ensued. After a tough battle and some healing our party left out the next day for Gargoth's camp.
    Harpy songs , Gargoths battleaxe , massive damage came the next day. But our heros prevailed and entered the sacred tomb , i mean err... map room....hehee.....
    Our heros gained entrance past the puzzle of iron heros and then they made it past the Hall of Judgement. Then they......find out next time in session 8 , called " Is that you , Mummy? "