Saturday, November 28, 2009

Song of Mutants and Death Ray Guns!


I wanted to mention for those of you who are into tabletop wargaming, Mutants and Death Ray Guns by Ganesha Games is a set of skirmish rules that is clearly inspired by Gamma World.  I had the privilege of "talking" with the game's designer Andrea while it was being developed and offered a few VERY minor comments here and there.  It is recommended for use with 15mm miniatures, and now that so many cool new 15mm sci fi minis are coming out, you may just want a rules set to use them with!  It's designed for small bands and the rules are very straightforward and easy to follow.
Good Gaming,
 Brutorz Bill


  1. I've had a copy of this one for a while, but we've yet to break it out. It looks pretty good though, and the war band creation is quite keen.

  2. I like the war band creation part as well.
    If you get to play it let me know what you think. I'm still slowly building up my 15mm sci fi forces.

  3. hmmm, this looks very interesting- the warband concept is reminiscent of Necromunda. Bill, reading your posts stoked my interest in minis. I still have a huge warhammer 40k collection somewhere which I should retrieve. Maybe I'll try going back to mini modelling this coming Christmas break. Ah, so many, many hobbies and so little time....