Sunday, November 29, 2009

15mm Sci Fi Apes!!

 Ok gang...Go over to the Dropship Horizon blog!.Then come back when your done.  It's ok I'll wait....tap...tap...tap. Your back? Great!  DID YOU SEE!! 15mm Sci Fi Apes! At last!  How cool is that?! They'll go perfect with Mutants and Death Ray Guns or Mutant Future or....yeah I'm a bit excited.  But Sci Fi Apes!!  Whoo Hoo!  So many cool 15mm Sci Fi minis are out or are coming out.  It's amazing to me how the 15mm Sci Fi market has changed in a year or so.  Not too long ago it was hard to find much of anything outside of GZG line (which is a great line), but I wanted variety, I wanted...APES!!
I'm still keeping my 28mm stuff, I've got too much time invested in those guys, being mostly fantasy that won't be an issue.  But for Sci Fi I'm 15mm all the way. When I got home after our last Pathfinder game, I was unpacking my stuff and noticed several of my Ral Partha nicely painted goblins were showing some wear and chipping (that's with several coats of sealant).  15mm will be much easier to take to the FLGS. + terrain will be much cheaper and easier to store and carry. While I'm plugging blogs. Check out D.C. 2150 some cool 15mm Post Apocalyptic stuff.  Well I'm gonna go dig through my unpainted 15mm pile now.  I gotta get some stuff painted up! The Mutie Wars are coming soon!!!


  1. Great that you like the Simians :D

    Here is a link to a photo gallery of the greens.

    More Simians coming soon, including heavy weapons [a Gatling and a rocket launcher] and command minis as well as a close combat blade weapon armed pack.

    Right after the Simians we have a bunch of wild Werewolves...

  2. APJ,
    Thanks for dropping by! Glad to hear you will be expanding the simians line. I guess you could tell I might be a "bit" interested. The Wild Werewolves sound cool also!

  3. Wild as in active. Definitely not many passive poses planned for the wolves. Would there be any use for armed werewolves [AK47 / M16] by the way ?

    Almost forgot to mention that we are working on a post-apoc flooded world game called World Wide Water. Apart from the various mutants / survivors lines, we will release separate head sprues to ease conversions, so if you have any specific requirements, post them please. :)

  4. Werewolves w/AK's & M16's would be most appreciated!
    I remember seeing something about World Wide Water awhile back, glad to hear its still on track.
    Weren't you doing a Dune Raider and a not-cylon type mini? Hope those are still in the pipeline.
    I'll be thinking up some stuff for the survivors line!
    Thanks again!

  5. Nice find! I've always been on the lookout for great MF-style minis! These are perfect for gorilla warriors ala planet of the apes!

  6. The sand raider and the not-cylon are still scheduled for casting and mass production. Unfortunately we had to change our caster to a new foreign one resulting in a massive time slip :/
    There are actually two not-cylons now. One in the old humanoid style, while the new one is a robotic version aka the Exterminator droid ->

  7. Thanks for the update APJ,
    The Sand Raider in particular will be perfect for P.A. type games, and Cylons (of either type) are just darn cool! (not to mention also useful for P.A. games!) : )

  8. Cylons would work well for Gamma World/Mutant Future style games too. What is a PA future without roaming killer robots.

    Now if I can just find some androids that look like the sleek faceless ones from the 1970s/80s Gamma World products.


  9. Eli please post / email me any links to the robots you are interested in. I will see what we can do. We definitely need more robots/androids/cyborgs for a specific World Wide Water faction...

  10. I'm with Eli,
    More Android/Cyborg types would be quite cool!

  11. These are the androids ELI is talking about as posted on his blog.

    I wish there were more scans of Elmore's classic versions of the Gamma World creatures but they don't seem to be widely available. Probably not Open Content like all the old D&D stuff.