Monday, November 23, 2009

Kamandi ; Post-Apocalyptic Jack Kirby Koolness!

As I've mentioned before, I've long been a fan of Post-Apocalyptic RPG's, back in the day I was a big fan of the DC comic Kamandi by the famous Jack Kirby.  It was a world set after the "Great Disaster" and intelligent mutant animals were the dominant species.  I've tried to find all the issues over the years but was missing some of the early stories until I found this...

Sure it's dated, but Gorrilla Commandos fighting Jaguar Pirates! That's just waay cool!  So if your looking for inspiration for your Mutant Future Campaigns check out Kamandi!  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Kamandi's Continent
Here's the World Map


  1. I'm sold. Instantly.

    Thank you for pointing this out!

  2. This and Warlord are absolutely must-have series.

    Thanks for posting this,


  3. Happy to be of service guys! There is also a second compilation book out for Kamandi, I don't have it yet, but its on my list.
    Eli, I don't have any issues of Warlord, but it does look cool.

  4. Would it be okay if I started posting my own MF creations in the same sort of format as you have here?

  5. Go for it Eli, the more the merrier! If you could just send them a link my way too!
    There's more than enough Mutie Madness to go around! ; )

  6. Wow! A kindred soul! Nice post Bruthorz Bill. :-) We have the same love for the stories of the Last Boy on Earth! - Spielmeister