Sunday, November 29, 2009

So lame their Cool; Sleestaks for Mutant Future!

I couldn't resist, a short while ago there was a Land of the Lost marathon on T.V., my kids watched it all blasted weekend. I thought I'd never get that *&%$# song out of my head!!

No. Enc. 3d6 (x10 when deep in their lairs)
Alignment : Chaotic
Movement : 60'/20'
Armor Class : 6
Hit Dice : 7
Attacks : 1
Damage : pincer-claw (1d4) or by weapon (usually Crossbows & Nets)
Save : L 3
Morale : 7
Hoard Class : XX

Mutations: Slow (D), Nocturnal (D), Cold Vulnerability (takes extra 1d6 against cold based attacks), Natural Armor (Scaly Skin AC:6), Night Vision, Accumulated Resistance (Heat)

     Sleestaks are green humanoids with both reptilian and insectoid features. They have scaly skin with frills around the neck, bulbous unblinking eyes, pincer-like hands, stubby tails, and a single blunt horn on top of the head. Sleestaks communicate with a hissing sound that rarely changes in characteristics. They move slowly in an upright and bipedal manner. Running is not necessary to avoid capture. Sleestaks often use crossbows and nets in combat, seeking to capture prey to sacrifice to their god. Sleestaks live underground usually in the ruins of the ancients. Being nocturnal they hate bright light and will only venture out during the day in dire emergencies. Sleestaks hibernate during the cooler months awakening when the temperature rises. Sleestaks hate pure strain humans and will capture and sacrifice any that venture into their territory.

Sleestaks are egg-layers, their eggs are gestated in a communal hatchery. The Sleestaks capture live animals and tie them up there, leaving them for the young to feed on when they hatch. Occasionally, a Sleestak will be hatched that is different from the rest, being born with greater intelligence, quickness and an innate understanding of ancient technology (Tinkerer Affinity). The other Sleestaks regard these mutants as a threat, and are sacrificed to the Sleestak god when detected. The Sleestaks have a Sleestak Council and Leader. The Leader wears a distinctive pendant, possibly based on ancient technology. The Sleestaks also have a Library of Skulls, believed to be their ancient ancestors who are still capable of "speech" despite being long dead. Certain sages believe that the Library of Skulls is in actuality some form of A.I. from the ancients that is controlling the dimwitted Sleestaks. No one has been able to get close enough to determine the truth.

So how do you use these...or maybe the real question is WHY would you use these? Simple.. in spite of or perhaps because of their utter lameness they are somehow cool. I could see them definitely being used in some low level adventures. Having the players explore their underground lair looking for tech, staying just out of reach until they make a wrong turn and then....well you get the idea. Remember zombies are slow moving too!! -B

Sleestaks are taken from the Land of the Lost T.V. Series, no copyright infringement is intended.

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  1. You beat me to it. I just got done watching the amusing but most ho-hum comedy homage to the series and was inspired to do them too.

    Good write up.