Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paizo's Green Ronin Apocalypse Sale

Other than a few Pathfinder purchases (Core Rules & Bestiary), my RPG purchases are no where near what they used to be (I've mostly been focusing on terrain pieces and specific miniatures).  In fact I've been trading in alot of stuff to Noble Knight Games for credit.  I just sent a stack of Rifts books the other day.  But then I stumbled accross an awesome sale over at Paizo: Paizo's Green Ronin Apocalypse Sale 2
You may want to check it out.  They've got some great stuff for dirt cheap.  I mean $2 for a game book, $5 for a boxed set!!  WOW!  While the products are for 3.5, thankfully Pathfinder is backwards compatible so I can use all of this stuff with minimal conversion to our current Mordavia Campaign.  I ordered the Shaman's Handbook (I've got an NPC for an upcoming adventure that will make more sense being a Shaman rather than the Druid I originally envisioned him being), Bow & Blade ; Wood Elf sourcebook and the Corwyl Elf village guidebook (I realized the campaign so far has had minimal stuff regarding elves even though one player is a half-elf and the other is an elf), Cavalier's Handbook (not sure exactly how I'm going to use this one, but for $2 I couldn't resist), Hamunatpra (this looks awesome, with a cleric of Thoth in the party an Egytptian sourcebox will be a good investment), Spiros Blaak (this just looks cool, and I love Lycanthropes), I had already picked up Testament and Rome a long time ago (good books) but they are in the sale too.
So if your looking for some good quality, dirt cheap products you may want to take a look! 
Good Gaming!


  1. Got my batch of goodies in. I'm swamped at work these days so reading through them will have to wait. Oh well. : )