Monday, October 26, 2009

4th Edition AWAY!!

 Well it is official, I am done with 4E.  I got together all of my 4E books today boxed them up and sent them off and away to Noble Knight Games for credit.  The only thing I kept from my 4E collection was Goodman Games Dragora's Dungeon.  I like the module and will probably convert it to Pathfinder at some point.  I've always made it a point to hang on to modules and adventures whatever the system is that I'm playing.  My last 3.5 Campaign was spent playing the heck out of some old classic Gygax Basic D&D and AD&D modules.  Good stuff.  I've been surprised at the number of "young folks" that have never played in some of those old adventures. 
Hmmm now I wonder what I'll do with my credit?....Tome of Secrets looks interesting.


  1. Bon voyage, 4e!

    Didn't know that Noble Knight bought used gaming stuff. Too bad I already marked up my 4e books with the errata...

  2. They will take books that have been marked in also. You obviously won't get as much credit for them but better to trade in and get something for a book that will otherwise just take up shelf space.
    I've been trading/dealing with Noble Knight for years, I give them top kudos for customer service and being a top notch outfit!

  3. Well I officially have some credit at Noble Knight Games.. Now the hard part of deciding what to use it on. I may hold off a bit. I've got a stack of some Rifts books that I will never use again. I'll probably send them off for credit next week. That way whenever I do decide what I want I can get a big order of new stuff. We had a blast playing Rifts many many years ago, but the mechanic just seems dated to me these days.

  4. What ones are you looking for Eli? At one time I had everything published through the War on Tolkeen series, but I've sold off, traded etc. alot since then.

  5. Just curious. I'm super out of touch with RIFTS but I have found some good PA inspiration from some of the books.