Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pathfinder Session 1 Summary

I just realized I never really did much of a write up of session one.  *Doh*.
Well better late than never I suppose. 
     Our group had come together to seek out adventure and make a name for themselves in the Land of Mordavia (each character has his own reasons for being out and about, which may be revealed in time).

  While travelling south along the Trader's Road our band came upon a farmhand near death at the side of the road.  After the clerics healed him, under the watchful eyes of Howston (ever alert for an ambush), they learned that he was from a nearby farm that had been attacked during the night a day or so ago.  The poor farmer had barely escaped with his life, he had just made his way out of the woods was exhausted and terrified. He begged the party to save his friends at the farm.  Without hesitation the group set out to lend whatever aid they could!
Arriving just at dusk, they could see the buildings that marked the farmsite just past some low hills.  Tiberius crept around the back side of the farm.  All was quiet... too quiet.  Howston not having the stomach for such sneakiness made his way up the main road to the farm.  Narlyotep crept along behind Howston, his face hidden behind a mask.  Alkanash also made his way ever vigilant for an attack.
Tiberious soon jumped a goblin like creature from out of the shadows, though this goblin moved with a sneakiness and stealth that matched Tiberious' own skill.  Combat ensued between the two, the rest of the party oblivious to their comrade's danger, pressed onward into the farm.  Howston, sensed evil all around them, Narlyotep and Alkanash immediately into action, they popped off some spells; enlarging Howston and enchanting his weapon! Then the shadow goblins attack! They came pouring out of the shadows, firing arrows, sneak attacking!  Were it not for the spells and teamwork of the party the outcome could have been disastrous!
Tiberious defeated the goblin he had encountered and joined the bigger fight.  Howston mowed down the shadowy goblins left and right. Several of them fired arrows from the shadows.  All of the party members soon found themselves bleeding and injured but pressed on.  Alkanash, spotted an elf tied to a nearby tree behind a storehouse.  He freed the elf (who introduced himself as Zebulon) Zebulon paused long enough to cast healing upon himself and Alkanash then they both continued fighting off the goblins. Narlyotep apparently decided that setting fire to one of the farmhouses was a good idea and did so.  Soon one farmhouse and a nearby  tree were in flames.  Unfortunately a farmhand was hiding in the house and ran out engulfed in flames and died.  The other party members busy with the goblins didn't realize exactly what had happened and assumed the fire had somehow started accidentally due to all the combat.
Meanwhile, Rouge Le Humane; another traveller along Trader's Road, heard the sounds of fighting and saw the fires coming from the farm and set out to investigate. He arrived just in time to help fight off another wave of the goblins.
In the farms kitchen house they found several terrified farm hands, Howston wanted to tend to them but both he and Alkanash had spotted several of the goblins headed to a nearby large crevasse/pit covered in timbers. They were dragging a human girl and were clearly going to hurl her into the pit.  Howston instructed Narlyotep to tend to the farmers and rushed to aid the girl.
Alkanash dropped one of the goblins but another knocked him down and managed to drop the girl into the pit. Her screams echoed about the farm and then suddenly stopped!
Narlyotep entered the door way to the kitchen and took off his mask showing his face to the farmers inside. They let out gasps, many wet themselves. He then shut the door and proceeded over to the pit.
Howston wanted to know what was in the pit, he could see tons of webs filling it, a torch was dropped and with a soft plop the crevasse below was somewhat visible.  The sight chilled them all.  The entire covered crevasse was filled with spiders, big spiders!  Too big to crawl through the wooden grating covering the crevasse. This was no normal farm, this was a Spider Farm! They harvested the webbing and made it into silk to trade/sell.  And a young girl was somewhere down below!!!
More to come.....

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