Monday, October 19, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday! Summary of Session 4

 In spite of everyone's busy schedules we squeezed in a session of our Pathfinder Campaign this past Sunday.  I've been swamped at work, so my Co-DM buddy Clint took up the DMing reigns for me.  I got to play Black Wolf my barbarian character (I showed the mini for him a few posts ago).  I had left my tribe on a Spirit Quest to find and slay the Ghost Panther, I knew it was close but could not find its lair.  The rest of the party was on a mission seeking out some mysterious ruins that the high priestess of The Shrine of the Oracle thought might be the lair/hideout of the recent Shadow Goblin excursions.  While en route the party spotted a fire off the trail in the woods, and after checking it out found a red-robed wizard being tortured by a band of well-disciplined humanoid soldiers. Black Wolf came upon this at the same time and joined the battle against the humanoids.  After a particularly tough fight ( I almost bought it in the first round of combat) we defeated the humanoids.  They all carried themselves with a level of discpline and organization that didn't fit their usual racial types. One, a particularly large goblin that we sought to capture and interrogate swallowed lethal poison rather than let us learn of his master.
The wizard we saved, Moonglow, proved to be more than a bit nuts.  While grateful to us for rescuing him, he spoke in strange riddles.  I told all of my quest to find the ghost panther, he offered to tell me of a secret valley where the beast hunted/laired in exhange for me doing a favor for him, he also indicated this same valley was the location of the ruins the party sought, though in his riddle speaking way we determined the ruin was veiled by magic and hard to find.  It seemed the wizard Kilgharn that the group (minus Black Wolf) had recently slain in Farmington (last session) had a tower nearby. Kilgharn and Moonglow were rivals, and while Moonglow was quite pleased we had slain his nemesis he seemed to believe that Kilgharn had the means to restore himself and he wouldn't be happy with us or anyone else upon his return!  We were to go to Kilgharn's tower recover a special key for Moonglow and destroy the device in his tower that would allow him to restore himself (Black Wolf didn't quite understand that last part, he was no shaman or medicine man). When the key was returned to Moonglow he would tell us how to get to the hidden ruins.
So after much impatient prompting from Black Wolf the group departed.  They followed the clues provided by the wizard, battled some wolves that seemed to be affected by some dark magic and eventually found Kilgharn's tower. After defeating Kilgharn's Orc "butler", his goblin guards, and innumerable traps they finally had reached the stairs to the tower's summit and hopefully the answers to our questions lay just ahead....
End of Session 4....

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