Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Cast...

 Here is the current party make-up of our Pathfinder Campaign.  Mind you not everyone has been able to come regularly but at this point no one has officially dropped out.  When I get a new camera I'll post pictures of everyones miniature. After last session I'm sure several will have leveled up, but x.p. hasn't been given out yet.

 Alkanash Higgle : Gnome Cleric 1/ Sorcerer 1 w/ Arcane Bloodline (Bearer of the Blessed Hand, Servant of Thoth, Conveyor of the Golden Egg)

Black Wolf : Human Barbarian 1 (Warrior of the Proud People, He Who Hunts the Ghost Panther)

Houston Levee : Human Paladin 2 (Sword of the Raven Queen)

Narlyotep : Human Sorcerer 2 w/ Aberrant Bloodline (The Pale Prophet, The Masked One)

Rouge Le Humane: Human Sorcerer 1 w/ Elemental (Fire) Bloodline (Keeper of the Fire Ferret)

Tiberious Daven : Half-Elf Rogue 2 (The Cursed One)

Zebulon : Elf Cleric 2 (The Enigmatic One, Guardian of The Eye of Night)


  1. A good looking party, but no Dwarves? "Keeper of the Fire Ferret", heh, I like that...

  2. Thanks Mik,
    No dwarves which is unusual for us. One of our main players was a guy who would only play dwarves. He recently moved due to work, so we find ourselves Dwarfless! : )

  3. Is the player of Zebulon a Star Frontiers fan?

  4. I don't know if he ever played Star Frontiers. I haven't known him long but he's an old school gamer like me so I'm sure he did.