Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heroscape for Pathfinder

Well I think I've found the mini for my own character for our Pathfinder Campaign.  My Co-DM Clint will be taking over the reins of DMing our Pathfinder Campaign soon, which means I will get to play! Whoo hoo!
Course I need a character in order to play.  While taking a break during our Pathfinder game at the FLGS today I spied a pack of Heroscape goodies I hadn't seen before. I don't have a lot of Heroscape figures but I'm pleased with the ones I own.  The zombie pack in particular have come in quite handy.  And as you can see below are quite cool!

 Anyways the set I saw today was the Tribes of the Moon Expansion (Wave 9) it is apparently a new release .  The Mohicanesque mini at the top of the page was in this set and I think he Rocks!!!  Our group needs some more muscle, we are spellcaster heavy and the brave paladin Howston has been having to hold off the hordes of evil almost singlehandedly at times.  So I'd best make up a warrior type.  : )
Clint plays the rogue Tiberious, so when he Dm's this will make us short a rogue, but I think the added muscle of me playing a warrior type will more than make up for it.  I'm still working up my character concept, but the miniature definately helps.  I will probably start out as a Barbarian and then take some levels in Ranger...or vice versa. Decisions..decisions.
Good Gaming!


  1. Another cool set of theirs that is almost a game in itself is the one with the Minutemen and the Werewolves.


  2. I don't have that one Eli,
    but a friend has it and I think it is quite cool. Bet that would be fun having the Minutemen fight the Werewolves!
    I'm a big fan of the Gorillinators!

  3. I'd love to run a Halloween game some year that is a frontier fort attacked by werewolves. If you've ever seen the third movie in the "Ginger Snaps" series of movies, they do that very thing.


  4. Sounds cool Eli.
    I haven't seen that movie.