Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Half-Orc Barbarian

Until I get a new camera, here is a little something new.  This is an old Grenadier barbarian miniature painted as a half-orc that I recently acquired off of Ebay, I don't know who painted it, but I'm satisfied with it for my purposes.  This will be a certain NPC in my Mordavia Campaign.  Can't say much else just yet, one never knows when those pesky players are watching er... I mean reading. 
Good Gaming!


  1. Nice blog. Those Heroscape figures are a real boon -- prepainted, and WYSIWYG. I haven't been buying many fiugres for a while, though, way too many old ones to paint.
    Stop by my blog some time:

  2. Good retheme of a barbarian figure.

  3. Nice blog Mike. I too have way too much unpainted lead lurking about my gameroom.
    Thanks Eli,
    I thought so also.