Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More After the Bomb resources for Mutant Future

 Some of you have talked about and commented about some of the other supplements for After the Bomb/TMNT.  You might find some of these useful for your Mutant Future Campaigns.  Keep in mind they are worked up for the Palladium System, but Mutant Future is so easy to adapt/convert stuff too you should be able to find something of use in these books.  I've seen them go for pretty cheap on Ebay and I believe Palladium is now offering them in PDF format as well.
Road Hogs
This supplement is set on the west coast, has rules for mutant prairie dogs, Octopi and other beasties
Mutants Down Under
A sourcebook for Australian Mutant Animals
Mutants in Avalon
A mutant animal version of a Post Apocalyptic Arthurian Britain
Mutants of the Yucatan
Title says it all!


  1. The covers of the books look great! Nice visual inspiration of the mutant future. Road Hogs is such a great play on pun. :-) Ever played this game? How'd it stack up vs. Mutant Future?

  2. These games are not for those who are looking for light and simple. Though the Paladium game system is definitely a 1st generation RPG, their character generation system can be a little grinding with all the skills, attribute modifiers and HTH combat mods you accumulate.

    The setting is awesome. I would recommend running it as is, though with a different system.


  3. Yeah like Eli says, while the Palladium System has been around for many years and is originally based on old school D&D, it has alot of "stuff" to it. Character creation takes a good bit of time and combat has alot of modifiers and such (roll with punch, Dodge, parry). It's waay different from Mutant Future. But for inspiration material its a great resource. I think After the Bomb 2nd ed. is the best resource for Mutant Animal stuff out there. I wouldn't use it "as is" with Mutant Future, but you can definately use stuff from it to give your mutant animals alot more character and as Eli said the setting is quite cool.