Thursday, December 10, 2009

Indigors, a new beastie for your Mutant Future Campaigns!


Indigors (aka Shrieking Blue Devils)
No. Enc.: 1 (1d4 rarely)
Alignment : Chaotic
Movement : 120'/40'
Armor Class : 6 (5 if shield is used)
Hit Dice : 9
Attacks : 2 (bite ,weapon) or 1 (Shriek attack)
Damage :  bite1d4, by weapon or see Shriek mutation
Save : L6
Morale : 9
Hoard C lass : VI
Mutations: Thermal Vision, Regenerative Capability, Bizarre Appearance (blue fur, weird eye markings), Shriek, Combat Empathy, Negative Empathy,

Indigors are large blue furred extremely ill-tempered mutant gorillas. They love to fight, shriek, bite and beat on each other and everyone else. Their Negative Empathy defect assures that only the toughest and meanest survive to maturity; it also causes them to tend to be loners. Mating season for Indigors is a violent and brutal affair fortunately their Regenerative ability allows the strongest to survive to mate and fight another day.
     Some larger settlements have been known to use Indigors in large (large to protect the spectators from the beasts shriek attack) outdoor fighting arenas. Something the Indigors take to quite well, being used to and quite fond of fighting. Occasionally a spectator will get accidentally close enough to be affected by the Indigors' Negative Aura and will be compelled to jump in the arena and attack the Indigor, much to the excitement of the crowd and the Indigor (the more the merrier …well actually the bloodier!).
     It is worth noting that Indigors and Apemen have a deep instinctive dislike of each other. Not that many creatures need much prompting in disliking the Indigors, and while the Indigors have an equal loathing of most other creatures, for some reason they intensely dislike Apemen. Some Indigors have even overcome their dislike of each other in order to band together and attack Apemen villages. Being particularly vicious they wait for the bulk of the hunters to leave and attack the women and children for the sole purpose of causing the most pain and suffering. When the hunters return and pursue the Indigors they are happy to then ambush the Apemen, that is if the Indigors haven't turned on one another first.
     Indigors seldom if ever use technological devices. They don't have the patience or the intellect. While one could use a vibro-sword if shown how to turn it on (and who in their right mind would do such a thing), the whole concept of changing an energy cell is completely beyond an Indigor. They will use melee weapons, preferring swords, axes and other blood-letting weapons and some have learned to use shields, but they don't have the patience or ability to manufacture such items.

Artwork is from Marvel Comics. I just worked up the name and creature from the artwork.


  1. The negative empathy is a nice touch here.

  2. Thanks Eli,
    I kinda like how they turned out.

  3. Great beastie! I would love to sic this on my players. The blue tint makes it very unique!

  4. Thanks Spielmeister! Let me know if you use it and how it goes!