Tuesday, December 8, 2009

After The Bomb RPG (Resources for Mutant Future)

 In discussing resources for a Mutant Future Campaign I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of my favorite products After the Bomb (Second Edition) by the late Erick WujcikPlease note!! It is designed for use with the Palladium System, so it won't work as is with your Mutant Future Campaigns, but it is an awesome resource for all things related to Mutant Animals.  It has all kinds of animals listed and lets you use a point buy system to work them up as characters.  So if you want to add more to your Mutant Animal characters and critters, then you need to get this book!!  Please note the First Edition is really just a supplement for the original TMNT rules, you'll need to have the TMNT rules to make much use of AtB first ed. My favorite edition, and the one I'm really talking about, is the After the Bomb second edition, which was originally supposed to be a new edition of the TMNT RPG, but the whole license thing didn't work out, so they just took the Turtle stuff out of it and added in Post Apocalyptic Coolness.  I've got to admit I'm a big fan of this book, I lugged mine all the way to Gen Con one year and got Erick to autograph my copy.  Given his unexpected passing, it is even more treasured to me.

First Edition

Second Edition



  1. Ugh, it makes me sick that I "McKayed" (used book store) all my TMNT stuff ages ago. Don't forget "Mutants of the Yucatan" either, that one's gold as well.

    I've been secretive with my group, but thanks to you and others (ahem, Eli) I am jazzed about running a Mutant Future campaign, they just don't know it yet...plus, I'm not quite ready, but thanks to your posts, I have tons of inspiration, especially with Faker!

  2. I went back and tracked down a bunch of the ATB stuff. I have yet to track down all the TMNT stuff but want to.

    I didn't like how Road Hogs handled the Pacific Northwest, so I went in and detailed it myself.

    You are welcome Mik. I only wish my chances of running Mutant Future looked better.


    P.S. Aaaaarrrgh super easy gimme word verification word "Unmen". Where was that when the challenge was out.

  3. I was wondering about this before as material to mine for Mutant Future. I guess your post clears up a lot. I love the look of assaulting mutant animals in the After the Ruins Cover. And the decesaed Puccini, the Animal Mutie turtle warrior in my game would have resembled the turtle in your post.

  4. My favorite AtB supplement is Mutants in Avalon. Palladium recently put it out as a PDF on DriveThru, and I lifted quite a bit of it for my revised Rifts England setting.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. While I'll be the first to admit that the Palladium System is far from perfect, the whole AtB line had some really cool stuff in it! If nothing else you can get some campaign ideas/inspiration from some of the books.

  6. I consider AtB to have the best mutant animal creation rules ever written. I reread this book a couple times a year. Just to build PCs in my head. the 4th edition GW rules are also good.