Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mint Julep (Mutant Future NPC's)

 In my previous entry I talked about using Killraven as a resource for Mutant Future.  One character from the series that I especially liked was Mint Julep.  In the original series she was a freedom fighter with her own band of warrior women followers, The Freewomen (how's that for original?!).  In the later series, she was more of a bounty hunter/mercenary type with a mish-mash band of mutant followers.  She went about the wasteland in an airship pulled by mutant elephants. How cool is that?  Well I thought I'd write her up for your enjoyment. You can use her as an ally or a villain or both! -B

Mint Julep

Str: 15                               Mutant Human
Con: 14                             Alignment : Neutral
Will: 16                             AC: 1 Hit Points : 67
Dex: 16 (-2 AC)                4th Level
Int: 13
Cha: 17
(due to her level she gets two attacks per rd.)
Mutations : Epidermal Photosynthesis, Bizarre Appearance (green skin, white hair), Combat Empathy, Increased Willpower, Increased Dexterity,
Weapons & Equipment : ballistic nylon fatigues (AC5), combat boots, Laser Pistol Mk 1 (+4 to hit), Gauss Pistol (+3 to hit), Shuriken (x5), she will have other basic gear as needed.

     Mint Julep is a mutant human female, enslaved as a child she grew up to rise up against her enslavers and lead a group of female warriors known as the Freewomen. Over time something changed within her (perhaps losing so many of her companions) and she left the Freewomen and began the life of a bounty hunter. She is a skilled warrior, self-trained in both armed and unarmed combat. She is a skilled markswoman and and is quite adept with the use of a laser pistol (+1 bonus to hit and damage). She often uses shuriken in combat as well.     
 Mint Julep is from the Killraven comic series copyrighted by Marvel Comics.

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  1. Ah, I was wondering what color her complexion was. I missed the original KR series when I was growing up and the archive version I have is not a colored one. This sort of clears it up!