Friday, April 2, 2010

What's going on in the Gameroom??

 Things have been quiet up in the gameroom of late... Let's go take a look and see what Old Bill has been up too shall we?
  Well looks like some new stuff on the wall, I see a Greyhawk poster, lets take a closer look...
 I loved the above map from the original Dungeon boardgame, I spent hours and hours moving my minis around on it, I dug it and the above Greyhawk maps out of storage awhile ago and took them today to get them laminated.  Figured they needed to go up on the wall.
While out and about today I stopped at the local Comic Shop, I've got a confession to make, I never read the D.C. Warlord series, I know I'm terribly ashamed, but to make up for it I got the Showcase compilation  (it was on sale at the shop) and a couple of other issues of the comic.  Dang how did I miss this one after all of these years!  Good stuff.  And perfect fodder for a campaign idea I'm working on.
Just a random shot of what's on my gametable these days...hmmm looks like some old school stuff, and a cool Marvel Universe guide to the Conan Universe. 
I've got some ideas percolating, probably gonna be posting a bit differently in the future on the blog.  I'm gonna take a break from Mutant Future for awhile.  Mutant Future has been fun, but my old stuff is calling to who knows what may develop.
In the meantime I hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday and I wish you and your family a very special Easter, for those of you who believe, as do myself and my family, remember to take the time out to reflect on the reason for this holiday weekend.
-Good Gaming


  1. Man! I LOVE that dungeon map! Have you used it since for any games?

  2. James, to you also. : )
    Christian, I haven't used it in many years, but I may just have to do a game on it. We used it a ton back in the day.