Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simian Saturday: War Chimps

As some of you who have been reading my blog may know I'm a big fan of the Planet Algol blog.  So today's Simian Saturday is sort of a shout out to that cool setting with a little beastie of my own.  Hope Blair doesn't mind me putting my own little spin on his uber cool setting.
So without  further ado I present the War Chimps.

War Chimps
# Appearing: 3-12, Armor Class: 5
Move: 12", Climb 6", Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: bite (1d4) or by weapon (typically spears, swords, daggers)
Intelligence: Average to Very, Alignment: Neutral evil
Size: Medium
     Standing about 3' tall, War Chimps are stocky ill-tempered chimp-men who use weapons and light armor. War chimps are believed to have originated from somewhere in the Jungles of Venom. Apparently in the distant past an unnamed sorcerer brought several specimens of chimp back with him to the Iridium Plateau to serve as guardians and soldiers for his stronghold. The sorcerer worked magic to enhance the intelligence and abilities of these beasts and over time the War Chimps increased in number and developed greater intelligence, learning how to effectively make and use human weapons and light armor. However, they also learned human greed and that combined with their own natural savagery led them to turn on their master. They slew him, looted his stronghold and struck out on their own. Although rare, they can be encountered in scattered areas in and around the Iridium Plateau, sometimes working as mercenaries, sometimes raiders, oftentimes both. Few reasonable folk will hire them as soldiers, due to their unpredictability and savagery; they are not opposed to dining on their fallen foes if food is scarce.

I kept their stat block fairly basic so you can use them with whatever OSR mechanic you like. 
When I found this picture on this old Creepy Magazine I just knew I had to work these beasties up for Planet Algol.


  1. Ooh! I think these fellers will fit right in with some of my own plans. Thanks!

  2. I love Creepy. I wish I was able to get ahold of my cousin's collection before he got rid of it. They were so much more than a collection of scary stories.

  3. War Chimps sound scary as hell. After seeing what one did to that lady on the Oprah show...*shudder*.

  4. I have long respected the wild Chimp. One of the cooler parts of the Tim Burton "Planet of the Apes" movie is that he had chimps as warriors instead of scientists, recognizing their position as the most military of the great apes.

    Chimps, use tactics when hunting. They wage war and even use weapons. Give them armor and real weapons and even regular chimps would likely be nasty enough without making them fantasy apes.

  5. Don't forget that upper body strength!
    Apes are pretty devastating in real life in close combat.

    This is just me, on a critical I would have them rampage, doing 1d10+4 damage. An adult chimp can de-limb a human frighteningly easily.

  6. Heck yeah! I made War Chimps and Warangutans some of the biggest enemies in my mutant future campaign. Love chimps

  7. War Chimps are always cool. Thanks!

  8. Awesome, I love it, and it's another example of creepy rpg blog telepathy as I was musing creepy Algol chimps!

    BTW Bill, I've been working on a post answering your question re. wildlife.

  9. Thanks guys!
    Carl, Now that you have reminded me I'm sure the name War Chimps was in the back of my mind from reading your blog. Wasn't meaning to swipe your critter name. : )
    Ancient Vaults, that's not a bad idea at all, especially if your players start to get a bit cocky! Unleash some War Chimp Rampage on 'em.
    Thanks and I'm looking forward to your stuff as always.

  10. War Chimps are much cooler then vegan pacifist Orangutans.

  11. Somebody really needs to make miniatures for these.

  12. : )
    Some minis of these would be very cool!

  13. Aaaaand I'm yoinking these for Sunday's Mutant Future session!

  14. Booberry, You may need to tweak their stats a bit for MF, I did basic AD&D stats for them to fit in with Planet Algol's system of choice.
    Let me know how it goes!

  15. Wow, those guys are awesome!