Monday, April 19, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Mutated

I came across this magazine cover awhile ago and just thought it was too cool not to share!
The Mutant Future/Gamma World side of me instantly came up with all kinds of cool Campaign titles and concepts.

Things like:
 A Fistful of Domars
 For a Few Domars More
 The Good, the Bad and the Mutated
 Death Rides a Brutorz
   Take the P.A. Movies of the 80's toss in a heavy dose of the classic Spaghetti Westerns, stir and voila!
Atomic Western!! 

Maybe the Goblinoid Games folks will work up a Retro-version of Boot Hill that I can toss into my Mutant Future Campaigns?  Course I could just use my AD&D DMG with the Boot Hill conversions I suppose? I just think it is too cool that the original AD&D had conversion rules for Gamma World and Boot Hill!


  1. You could do space westerns too like "3:10 to Luna", "Two Banthas For Sister Sara".

    Other possible PA Westerns would be, "Two-Headed Stranger", "Bug Cassidy and The Sasquatch Kid".

  2. Awesome picture - I'm adding it to my collection. :)

    We're playing a Weird West campaign right now that's compatible with D&D / Swords & Wizardry. Here's an index of all the weird west rules articles I've posted so far if you're interested.

    We're using some stuff Boot Hill and the conversion charts in the AD&D DMG. There's a lot of more "Weird" stuff as well -- the Fiend Folio is the main monster book we've been using so far.

    It's quite possible a Simian type creature will be making an appearance in the near future. ;-)

  3. "Maybe the Goblinoid Games folks will work up a Retro-version of Boot Hill that I can toss into my Mutant Future Campaigns? "

    I second the motion.

  4. Once Upon a Time in the Waste
    A Blackray for the General
    Irradiate the Living and Pray for the Dead

    Awesomely 1961's The Savage Guns Spanish title is a campaign name unto itself...

    Tierra Brutal!

  5. Since you brought up mutant-future/gamma world wild west action have you ever seen this:

  6. Don't forget B.J. Johnson's "Bigfella's" Gamma World: The New West website for inspiration.

  7. Wow,
    Lots of posts on this one! : )
    Eli@ love the Sasquatch Kid concept!
    Stuart@ I'll go take a look at what you've got! Thanks for posting! and can't wait to hear about the "simian type creature". : )
    Jeff@ who do we need to bug to make this happen?
    rainswept@ I hadn't heard of The Savage Guns! your right it is perfect for a Campaign title!
    Tormentor (welcome to my blog) and JDJarvis are absolutely correct, "Bigfella" has a great New West website.

  8. What would be cooler would be an episode of that late 25th century mutant classic:

    Little House on the Wasteland!

  9. Aw fer...

    Shucks, fellers. I'm right gratified t'be mentioned. Thank you kindly, Tormentor, JDJarvis, and Brutorz Bill.