Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clash of the Titans

My wife and I got to go see the new Clash of the Titans movie this weekend. Being fans of the original we were both curious as to how the remake would do.  We both enjoyed the new one, but I think I must be getting old, the whole 3-D effect just didn't do it for me.  Maybe the technology is not quite their yet, I think I would have enjoyed the movie better watching it the old fashioned way like I did the original back in the day.


  1. A succinct writeup, you pretty much confirmed what I was feeling anyway. I guess that's why I wasn't too excited about this one, too bad. Sometimes you just don't need to remake a classic, you know?

  2. Bill, Don't judge 3D by this film. It was filmed in 2D and poorly converted to 3D after the fact.

    Movies shot for 3D (like Avatar) make much better use of it.

  3. I saw Avatar in 2D, and to be honest the last 3D movie (before seeing Clash this weekend)I saw was Jaws 3 in 3-D (gee I'm showing my age arent' I), so Trey you make a good point.
    I had heard the whole 3-D for Clash was sort of an after the fact kinda deal.

  4. man i hate 3D. alot.
    fortunately our local theatre also has it in 2D and i'm off to see it tomorrow.
    several friend's have seen it and loved it. i expect the same, and i did love the original when i was a kid.

    now i just need to do writeups for it in Mazes and Minotaurs. :D

  5. My wife can't watch 3D movies, they make her motion sick. So I see all the new releases in 2D. Which at least saves me money.

    I'm glad that you like the new Clash... but I really didn't. In case you are interested I did a review here: