Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tellos (Ideas for Labyrinth Lord)

 I recently did a post about the cool comic series Tellos.  I think the series offers great ideas for a Labyrinth Lord game, especially if your running a campaign with some young folks in it, but it will work for old grognards as well.
Last night I  think a bit of Tellos visited my neck of the woods in the real world.  It stormed so bad I thought an ogre was beating on the roof of the house with a club. In Tellos there is a land referred to as Torrent, a perpetual wandering land of storms.  The heroes in the comic had to journey through the land of Torrent it was a soggy experience to say the least. Apparently Torrent came through my neighborhood last night.


     Land of a thousand storms! It is an Enigma, this place…A wandering expanse of geography, a realm of constant deluge that mysteriously travels about the face of the world, without rhyme or reason…!


  1. Am I correct that the actual region moves, not just the weather? I have a similar sort of thing in my Homeland campaign called Witchwood.

  2. Eli,
    That's my understanding of it. The comic doesn't go into heavy details about it, but that's my interpretation.

  3. Tellos! That would be a great setting.

    My local library has these and I read them back in the early 2000s, so I guess I'm going request them again.

    I'd be interested in any more on Tellos that you'd care to do ... including an informal setting series of blogs!

  4. Matt thanks for the comments. Consider the Frog Soldiers I just posted a tip of the hat to you!
    : )