Friday, April 30, 2010

Cow Car (a vehicle for Atomic Highway)

I'm continuing to read through the Atomic Highway rules, the feel of the game is sort of Road Warrior meets Fallout!  I've made up a character, but theres more to the rules than just characters, you can work up vehicles too, nothing heavily detailed or overly clunky mind you.  I'm not into having to calculate anything complicated. And to be honest I don't recall ever really working up a vehicle of my own for any other Campaign.  So this is something I've never done before!  I present to you the Cow Car!!

Cow Car
"The Spotted Speedster"
Muscle 1
Nimbleness 3
Toughness 1
Speed 5
Passengers: Driver
Health 30
Cost 11
Customizations: Increased Speed (Reduced Weight), Smoke Dispenser
Flaws: Decreased Muscle (Lightweight), Decreased Toughness (flimsy paneling)
     The Cow Car is about one thing, Speed! It is basically a powerful engine with a lightweight frame with cow hide tacked on for sheer tackiness factor. The car only has enough room for a driver and no passengers. A smoke dispenser has been installed in the rear to obstruct the view of potential ranged weapon attacks and pursuers in order to give the driver of the cow car those precious seconds to speed away. And the driver had best high tail it at the first sign of trouble because this vehicle will be seriously crunched in a fight. No weapons have been installed on this vehicle in order to achieve maximum speed, there isn't much solid to attach serious firearms too anyways.

Loosely based on a car that was supposed to be used in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but the scene was cut from the final movie.


  1. I like it, but I would affectionally call it my
    "spotted speedster"

  2. I'm pretty sure they had a cow car in Road Warrior also.

  3. Clovis, Great Suggestion, I added it to the entry.

  4. i've seen that car in every VHS or DVD version of Thunderdome since 1986. was it not in the big-screen cut in theatres?