Friday, April 9, 2010

Freebie Friday!

No this isn't a regular feature, but I had to chime in on some of the cool free stuff I've learned about this week.  I know several other blogs have posted about Talislanta being made freely available but I wanted to mention it as well.  Just in case anyone was unaware over on the Talislanta web-site a bunch of the books for the game are freely available in PDF format, with more being scanned as I type.  This is just awesome!  If you are unfamiliar with Talislanta, do yourself a favor and check it out.  I've had many of the books for years and love the fresh look and ideas behind this very original setting.  They've posted many books that I have never seen before.  I must confess I have never run a straight Talislanta Campaign, but I have looted heavily from it for my games for years!  The cool races, beasties, regions, just awesome stuff.  My wife loves it too and almost every character she has played in our games over the last several years has been a Talislanta race I converted to whatever system we were currently using (3.X, Castles & Crusades etc...).

In other Freebie news, if your looking for some cool and FREE minis for your Mutant Future or other games check out One Monk Miniatures he has just decided to make all of his paper pdf minis free to the public.  He's got some great paper minis.  Iparticularly like his Mutant Animals collection; the mutant anthropomorphic horse is kewel!  While I love my metal minis, I do alot of my gaming at my FLGS, and lugging a ton of metal minis is not only a pain, I've had several have their painstakingly done paint jobs get chipped in all the handling/hauling.  Not to mention you sometimes have to really watch some of the little folks who slip over from their Pokemon games to "play" with your minis when your not looking.  With paper minis, if the mini gets messed up just print out another one!

  In other news, Eli and I awhile back did some work for our own setting for the X-plorers RPG, we worked up a bunch of races and had planned on really developing alot of stuff for it, maybe even releasing something for the public.  Well real life reared its ugly head, and the project went into a sorta coma, so rather than have the stuff we worked up go to waste, Eli has started posted some of our notes and stuff over on his blog; I See Lead People
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Good Gaming!

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