Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pars Fortuna

 Hopefully my C&C Campaign will be able to start up late August, in the meantime I'm getting caught up on some OSR Fantasy Coolness that I hadn't picked up yet. One I've had my eye on for a bit is Pars Fortuna.

I just recently received my copy of Pars Fortuna and I must say it is a really cool Fantasy RPG, wherein the author worked up races and monsters (including there names) based on random rolls on some on-line generators.  How cool is that?  The artwork is top notch, reminds me of Jeff Dee (from Classic AD&D days) and that is a good thing, I've always been a fan of Jeff's work, particularly on the Deities & Demigods tome.  Anyways, you can pick up the Basic Pars Fortuna rules for free.  I was quite intrigued by what was presented in the basic rules so I ordered the print version of the Complete Rules.  After reading them I have to say I'm quite pleased I did.  Some of the races and alot of the Monsters in it are going straight into my upcoming C&C Campaign, my players won't know what hit 'em!
Good Gaming -B.

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