Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simian Saturday; Won't you be my Simian?


  1. Holy @#$! Tell me that's a guy in a suit!

  2. No way, Mr. Jay...that's the real deal. You can tell from the face and the fuzz.

    No Rick-Baker-suits here!

    (And speaking of monkey-suits, Mr. ever hear of the link between Hollywood and the most famous of all Bigfoot footage? Here's the link:

    You strike me as the kind of dude who'd appreciate all things sasquatch.)

  3. It is the real deal Jay, Nemo is correct that is Koko.
    Justin, quite an interesting article, I appreciate you sharing that link. Definately makes some interesting points.
    Happy Simian Saturday everyone! : )

  4. @Jay

    Yes, that's just a guy in a Mr. Rodgers suit.
    The gorilla's real, tho...

  5. Not only is that Fred Rogers and Koko but she recognized him upon meeting. She removed his sweater. Because that is what he does in the opening of each episode.

    Fred Rogers was an incarnation of Buddha.

  6. I read that someone stole Mr. Rogers car once, it made the news. The next day, his car was back in the same spot it had been stolen from, with a note saying "Sorry, we wouldn't have taken it had we known it was Mr. Rogers car!"