Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simian Saturday

Hope everyone is having a great Simian Saturday, stay cool!  The Heat Index should reach 110+ degrees around here today! Yikes!
Speaking of "Hot"! I've gotta give a shout out to the A Field Guide to Doomsday blog, Justin is a mutant beastie creating Mad Man!  And I mean that in a good way!  If you need some mutant monsters for your Mutant Future games, check out his blog, he's got some great ones!
And his latest post is just in time for Simian Saturday! The Apephibian

In other Ape news I recently posted about some potential POTA minis I'd found.  Well my order finally came in, I'm sad to say I'm disappointed in the quality of the minis.  Scale is a bit too large for my 28mm collection, even factoring in that they are apes, and the sculpts just have a chunky, lacking finesse quality about them.  I don't see myself ordering more.  Oh well the search continues!
Have a Great Weekend!  Stay Cool and I hope you get some gaming in!

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