Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creatures of the Tropical Wastes

Look what I just downloaded!!  Brand spankin' new Mutant Future Mutant Beastie book by my good buddy Outlander!  Courtesy of Skirmisher Publishing.  Creatures of the Tropical Wastes!  I haven't had time to digest it er.. I mean read it fully but its got a bunch of new critters for Mutant Future, including several new mutations.  Spielmeister I'm thinking this will be perfect for your SouthEast Asian Mutant Future Campaign! 
Well I gotta go got some reading to do!


  1. Ha! I *just* downloaded it and *just* posted an announcement! Great minds think alike, eh? (The Wasper is particularly nasty...)

  2. LOL,
    We are on the same page Sniderman!! LOL

  3. Woo Hoo! Some nasty cool beasties for sure! : )

  4. Got it good buddy! Just downloaded it a while ago. I'm still must skimming it but man, it looks awesome! :) yes, this is perfect for the Southeast Asian Mutant Future. Wonderful stuff indeed!