Friday, July 8, 2011

Stars Without Number : Naltorians

I thought I'd shake things up a bit and show D.C. Comics some "love" and work up a non-Marvel Alien race for your enjoyment.
Believe it or not I first worked up this race for a Rifts Phase World Campaign many years ago, Rifts...great setting, insane mechanics...anyways without further ado I present the Naltorians:

The Dreamers
Lenses: Joy, Pacifism
Government: Monarchic (Matriarchy) - The High Seer of Naltor
Technology Level: 4 with specialties (Bio-Science)
Motivation: Passion

     Naltorians are an alien race that in all likelihood has a common ancestry with humans, they look very much like humans (Naltorians would say humans look like them, just to a "lesser degree"), except Naltorians tend to be more physically attractive than the average human and have white to platinum blonde hair and pale Caucasian features. Human Scientists claim the heightened attractiveness of Naltorians is due to their advances in Bio-Science and "tampering" with their genome to achieve this "higher" beauty. Naltorians deny this and find it to be insulting, some saying the humans are just jealous of their species' overall attractiveness. Almost all Naltorians are Psychic Precogs, with only a very small minority having no psychic ability at all. Those Naltorians without any psychic precog ability are called "future blind" and face a great deal of discrimination in their society and are often outcasts. Many of these "future blinds" leave their people and homeworld behind and seek acceptance elsewhere.

     Due to Naltor's population having the ability to see glimpses into the future, the Naltorians are one of the more prosperous and technologically advanced races in their Sector. Prior to The Scream their people were extremely talented at "playing the intergalactic stock market" finding it easier than most others to successfully "play" the markets, also innovation is far easier to them when they can see the future outcomes of developing technologies. All of these factors enabled Naltor to become a quite wealthy and technologically advanced society in the time before The Scream. However, The Scream shook the Naltorians like most others throughout the galaxy. In spite of their precognitive abilities they did not see the coming of the Scream, this in and of itself greatly shook their confidence in themselves and their society. Prior to this event, many Naltorians, especially the nobility, considered their people to be "better" than everyone else. They were humbled by this experience as they were thrown into chaos like the other "lesser" races. However, not all of them died or went mad like most psychics of other races did, many managed to hold onto their sanity, and entered sleep-like trances, some eventually recovered. But their world and way of life was forever shaken. It has taken the centuries since that dark time for them to recover, and full recovery is quite a ways off still, in particular they still have not achieved the level of technological advancement that they once had, but given their precognitive abilities they have recovered better than many other races have. They also have some of the few remaining Psionic Academies in existence; unfortunately the psychic training techniques used are not effective for most humans, although many have tried…

     Their society is virtually crime and violence free, and they are for the most part pacifists. However, this does not make them easy marks for the other hostile races in their region of space. Raiders and Pirates have attempted to attack Naltor only to find well-equipped mercenary forces in place and ready to repel them. The Deonists in particular have funded several slaver expeditions to gather up Naltorians for their psychic talents, even making at least one attempt to kidnap the High Seer herself! They were not successful. Going up against a planet of precogs makes it hard to catch them by surprise.

Of particular note, is the Naltorians innate ability to get glimpses of the future, sometimes as much as a year away, in their sleep. This ability is what has earned them the nickname; The Dreamers. Higher level Naltorian psychics have clearer dream visions and are more skilled at interpreting what they see, but it is not an exact science and many errors and misinterpretations can and do occur.

Attributes are as normal, except Naltorian PC's must have a minimum 14 Charisma score.
Psychic Precogs – 96% of Naltorians are Psychic Precogs, with a rare few having some other Psychic Discipline or the ultimate horror for Naltorian parents, NO Psychic ability at all.
DreamVisions – Naltorians have the racial ability of experiencing precognitive dreams, they have no control over these visions, and most don't have a clear understanding of what they saw, however, higher level Psychics (7th level or higher) can use this like the Foretelling ability except it can be up to a year in advance. A Dream vision costs no psi points. This can be an excellent tool for the GM to plant plot details and campaign hooks into the game; it is not a "know everything" ability for the player to abuse and avoid trouble.

Adapted with some modification to fit the Stars Without Number Campaign Setting from the D.C. Comics race and in particular the character Dream Girl, member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. No copyright infringement is intended.


  1. I don't know how you pull this stuff off. Another solid installment! :)

  2. Thanks Christian! Too many comic books I suppose! : )
    Good to hear some folks are finding these posts useful. Thanks!!