Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wilderness Alphabet

My Gamer ADD has caused me to drift back into the Realms of Fantasy.  Looks like my plans for a Castles & Crusades Campaign will happen!  I've got five players interested, including my lovely wife.  More on that as things develop. Soo in preparation, I'm getting caught up on some OSR goodies that I had failed to pick up. One item I kept meaning to get was The Wilderness Alphabet by Jim Pacek.
 I recently ordered this, and am happy to have it as part of my OSR Gaming Library.  Jim has done a great job on this, I will definately be using it for my games. I particularly liked his little notes on how he used something from his tables in his own campaign.  Also while the art is public domain for the most part, I can tell he put in alot of man hours to find just the right picture to capture what he was looking for. Nicely done!
So if your looking for a little something to help you fill in some of the gaps in your Campaign's Wilderness, I think The Wilderness Alphabet may be just what your looking for!
Good Gaming -B


  1. Bill, thank you for the nice review. I'm glad you like it and thanks for picking up a copy. :) I hope it serves you well into the future!

  2. Jim, Thank you for putting it together and making if available for a time harried DM such as myself! : )