Monday, July 4, 2011

Stars Without Number: Aakon

     I know some folks don't care for their space aliens to be basically just humans with weird skin colors, or humans in rubber suits.  I guess I'm different in that I'm cool with that.  I'm sure growing up on Star Trek TOS had something to do with that and for me the Star Wars Cantina scene was enough to give me a Nerdgasm!  Anyways, many of you know that I'm a big fan of the Stars Without Number RPG, one thing I'd like to see done for the setting/rules is more aliens.  As time permits I'll try to post some on my blog for your amusement and use. I've done a couple already the Centaurians and the Woogatu. If you use any of these please let me know, would love to hear how they do in play. 


Lenses: Domination, Pride
Government: Oligarchic: Ruled by a council of elders made up of retired generals.
Technology Level: 4
Motivation: Militaristic

     The Aakon are a humanoid alien race. They are large (average 6') heavily muscled and stout (coming from a world with higher gravity than Earth). They have lemon yellow skin, dark hair (varies from dark blue, black and a few with a dark green tint), slits for a nose, and white pupil-less eyes. In most other respects they are quite similar to humans, although the two species are not able to interbreed with one another. Also of note is the low birth rate amongst the Aakon species, this and their militaristic tendencies have kept their population relatively low especially when compared to other similarly technologically advanced species.        
     Originally hailing from the planet Oorga, the Aakon arrogantly considered themselves to be the dominant life form in the galaxy. They carved out a "Dominion" in the systems surrounding their homeworld. Then they encountered the Terrans. The human's mastery of psychic abilities and Psitech was completely beyond the capabilities of the Aakon who possessed no psychic talent, and were thus no match for the humans. While the Aakon's considered themselves to be "at War" with the Terran Mandate, in truth they were nothing more than a nuisance to this much larger more advanced civilization. The Terran Mandate casually swatted the Aakon aside like an annoying gnat. The Aakon's war with the humans served only to reduce their own population's numbers. Human colonists spread across the Aakon Dominion, and the Aakon were driven back to their home system, that the Terrans either didn't want or couldn't be bothered with. Then came The Scream, the Terran Mandate was brought to its knees. The Aakon however, were not so heavily impacted by this event, having no psychics amongst their species, and relying on their up and coming Spike Drive technology (much of it stolen and reverse engineered from captured human colony ships). They were left mostly unscathed by this otherwise disastrous event. The Aakon slowly began to make their move to dominate the Galaxy! Battling other aliens, the frontier world humans, pirates, as well as, each other, the Aakon have used the time since The Scream to advance their technology, increase their drastically diminished numbers and slowly spread their area of influence, it took them some time to realize the Scream had even occurred, at least on the massive scale that it had. Many of their scientists and leaders still don't accept the fact that it affected the entire Terran Mandate, but they are now on the move, They have slowly retaken many of their worlds previously lost to the humans (retaken meaning  in most cases having only a small fortified outpost on said planet) and being a prideful race are still resentful of the way the Terran Mandate "humiliated" them in the distant past, they see all humans today as the same and their pride demands these humans make amends for the past. Aakon scouts scour worlds and systems looking for lost tech that they hope to reverse engineer, signs of the Terran Mandate, and suitable worlds to dominate, they have learned caution and stealth have their place in warfare, and are even believed to have ties with the Shadow Consortium.
Aakon PC's
Aakon must have a score of 14 in either their strength or constitution attrubute.
Aakon have no known Psychic ability, PC Aakon cannot choose the Psychic class.

Adapted from Marvel Comics, I tweaked them slightly to fit in with the Stars Without Number Campaign Setting.  The Aakon first appeared in Captain Marvel Vol. 1 #8.  No copyright infringement is intended.


  1. I'm unfamiliar with this game system, but the Aakon have always been my favorite Marvel race. It's great to see them getting some publicity; thanks for highlighting them!

  2. Hey Pahoota! thanks for the comment!
    SWN is a great game and you can get it for free in PDF format over on RPGNow!