Monday, August 8, 2011

Pathfinder Sunday!

This is actually from several Sunday's ago, but I've just now had time to upload the pictures.
Clint the DM of our regular Pathfinder Campaign wanted to shake things up a bit for the Campaign and went all out for this session as you will be able to see from the pictures. 
Our characters found themselves passengers upon a ship sailing the Astral Plane!
                               Getting dropped on a strange alien world!!               A world of Savage Dinosaurs and...GUMMI BEARS!!!
Off to the Gummi Bear Lair!!
All in all a great game!  Thanks Clint!


  1. I want to know how many "Red Shirt" and "Away Team" jokes were made. Seriously, though, that is a radical concept for a session!

  2. now THAT is pretty damned cool looking as well as elegantly functional. Did he go off some kind of pattern or just sort of throw it together from scratch?

  3. That looked really fun. I'd like to play some Pathfinder myself.
    Still waiting on Warlords of the Apocalypse...

  4. Looks like a blast, props and good scenery make everything that much more fun.

  5. Love the gummy bears. And what an awesome playing surface you guys had set up. :)

  6. "This Gummi Bear has run out of hit points. NOM."

    /cool ship!

  7. Christian @ Good one! : )
    Bogus, I think he used a template he found online somewhere.
    Nemo, I've just about given up on Warlords at this point. For quick PA gaming I go with Mutant Future, for full blown my game of choice these days is Mutant Epoch.
    Mik & Spielmeister, Thanks!
    Jay, the Gummi Bears just about got us killed they led us into a trap, that almost whacked the whole party!! Darn Gummi Bears!!