Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Excavator Monthly

The first issue of Excavator Monthly a magazine resource for The Mutant Epoch RPG is now available!
Even if you don't play The Mutant Epoch RPG, should be some great material for you to use in your Post Apocalyptic RPG's! 


  1. You know what we really need? A magazine like this for Mutant Future! The game isn't getting the love that it deserves! I know that there is a ton of material out there but I think that more people really need to know about it.I thought that it said Mutant Future & I got all excited by it. This seems like its an awesome resourece & it wouldn't take anything to convert this over.

  2. Hey Needles!
    Actually Skirmisher is scheduled to do a Mutant Future Ezine very soon! My buddy Chris has several issues already written. While I completely agree Mutant Future is waay cool, I have become competely enamored with The Mutant Epoch! So much uber coolness packed into the core book it's awesome!

  3. Not sure how to email you. So, which would you choose for an 80's metal, old school Star Wars, Warhammer 40K/Necromunda/Gorkamorka inspired futuristic game...
    Atomic Highway
    Mutant Future
    Sorcery & Super Science!
    The Mutant epoch

    or something else?

  4. Hey Ancientvaults, you can get me at brutorzbill AT gmail DOT com. : )
    Wow that's an interesting question... you list a bunch of good ones, it really depends...
    Atomic Highway is very Road Warrioresque fun game but not so over the top as Mutant Future. MF is a nice streamlined system a la the old Gamma World, I've had a blast with MF but my group wanted more crunch and character options...
    Sorcery & Super Science doesn't really have the vehicles and such, if I recall, but neither does Mutant Future...I've used some ideas from S&SS but haven't played it.
    The Mutant Epoch is my personal current favorite go to Sci Fi game (but I suffer from Gamer ADD), it's even got blasters and energy swords, it has alot more crunch to it than say MF, but it is on cue for my group to play whenever we finish up our C&C Campaign. Feel free to email me and talk shop! : )