Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Word Verification Wednesday - Savagle

No. Enc. : 1d4
Alignment : Neutral
Movement : Fly 480' (160')
Armor Class : 7
Hit Dice : 3
Attacks : 1 (beak-bite attack)
Damage : 1d8 (+1 to hit and damage on initial swooping attack)
Save : L2
Morale : 8
Hoard Class : None
Mutations: Fangs

     Savagles (Savage Eagles) are mutant eagles with vicious carnivore jaws. They are similar to normal eagles in many ways save they have a particular fondness for human and humanoid flesh. Certain slavelords/wastelords have managed to somewhat tame these beasts and use them to hunt their fellow humanoids. In this capacity they are often used as "guard birds" at slaver camps. If a slave should escape the savagles are unleashed to hunt down and feed upon the escapee. Few slaves are brave enough to risk such a gruesome death. Slave camps may have more than the typical number of savagles encountered, there is usually extra meat around from dead (or dying) slaves to keep the savagles fed.


  1. It's the teeth that grabbed me. Something about the toothed beak lends your Savagle that mean, feral look! Nice post Bill.

  2. Thanks! I took a quick break from work and school (uber swamped these days) to squeeze this one in. Glad you like it.

  3. Creeeeeee!

    "Ah well...there goes Batty"